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Superfici Moderne

Resin surface design

The design of resin floors is important in order to customize them to the customer's needs and to assess the environment and mechanical and chemical stresses in order to create durable and long-lasting floors.

Each resin coating is unique

The design of resin floors is a key step in achieving a functional and aesthetic result that meets the customer's needs. Thanks to the wide range of colors, finishes, and non-slip and dustproof properties, resin floors can be customized to suit the tastes and needs of the end user. In addition, it is possible to integrate horizontal signage into the floor surface, making it even more practical and functional.

For the accurate design of resin floors, it is important to assess the type of environment in which they will be laid, such as a basement or workshop, and the mechanical and chemical stresses to which they will be subjected. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of resin materials and the technical expertise of the professionals at Superfici Moderne, it is possible to identify the best solution for each situation and create durable and long-lasting floors, even over very large areas. The design of resin floors is therefore a key element in ensuring an aesthetic and functional result that meets the customer's needs and ensures a high level of quality and safety.