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Superfici Moderne

Resin Flooring

Flooring resin is a material with unique properties in the construction world.

What is a resin floor

A resin floor is not a standard product; rather, it is the result of careful design based on the intended use (civil, commercial, or industrial) and the customer's requirements. No two resin floors are the same, because each application requires a specific formulation of the different materials (epoxy or polyurethane).

Resin flooring should be custom made because it represents a solution customized around technical, aesthetic and cost requirements.

But what are the advantages of a resin floor?

The benefits of resin flooring

We design and manufacture flooring and coatings with resin formulations as per UNI 8297 standards. We operate mainly in industrial, commercial and civil construction, but we are active in all sectors. The execution, techniques and formulation of the resinous coating are planned according to the activity that will be carried out on the floors themselves, taking into account the chemical and mechanical stresses and the final aesthetic impact.

Strength and durability

A properly formulated resin floor becomes an ideal surface in the industrial setting, where the coating is often subjected to high stresses. For example, in industries or warehouses, the floor is subjected to mechanical stresses because it must support very heavy machinery and vehicles. Even in garages and underground parking lots, resin coating provides durability and resistance to wear and tear from car and truck traffic, as well as the action of aggressive chemicals.

Hygiene and cleanliness guaranteed

Resin floors provide a surface without joints, cracks or crevices. The materials used are waterproof, thus allowing superior hygiene to be achieved with less effort in terms of time and money, since they do not require special cleaning products. Granting compliance with HACCP procedures, they are ideal for use in health clinics and hospitals, as well as in wineries and agribusinesses.

Quick to make and customizable

The techniques adopted by Superfici Moderne allow for a reduction in downtime due to resin floor construction. New surfaces are generally usable within a few hours of the procedure. In addition, the surfaces are fully customizable in appearance and finish to suit the aesthetic needs of the client. It is also possible to integrate contrasting color signage to demarcate transit lanes, both of self-propelled vehicles and pedestrians, as required by Legislative Decree 81/2008 Title V.

Compliance with safety standards

A resin floor is made of a nonflammable epoxy polymer with an excellent fire resistance rating. For companies where hazardous materials are processed, such as warehouses of flammable or explosive materials, conductive floors are available that can be grounded to make an antistatic surface. Superfici Moderne also makes non-slip coatings for industrial, commercial and sports environments.