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Superfici Moderne

Resin flooring for sports

Superfici Moderne makes resin floors suitable for indoor and outdoor sports use due to durability and weather resistance.

Resin surfaces for sports fields, tracks and arenas

Superfici Moderne designs and manufactures resin surfaces used in sports fields, tracks, sports halls, gyms and swimming pools.

Careful formulation of compounds makes it possible to make resin floors in accordance with the law, with low cost and time. Resin, in the sports field, is appreciated for its durability and great resistance to weathering.

The benefits of resin flooring for sports

Resin floors offer multiple advantages when compared to traditional sports-oriented flooring.

Quick to make

Using continuously updated techniques and modern machinery, Superfici Moderne can quickly create resin floors and surfaces, reducing closures for maintenance and renovation work.

Suitable for play

A resin flooring provides a stable, perfectly smooth and level footing surface. The fine mechanical qualities of resin allow for uniform rebound and excellent dynamic performance.


A well-made resin floor can last for many years due to the unique properties of resin, which make it resistant to external agents, wear and tear, and UV rays. All resin surfaces are also waterproof. Resin surfacing offers great advantages in heavy-use environments such as sports fields or athletic tracks.

Game signage

Each discipline has its own rules and game signage. Due to the merits of resin, the signage can be integrated into the surface. This makes it resistant to weather and wear and tear. In addition, each stroke can be customized in color and shape to meet the different regulations of each sport.

Fully customizable finish

We make non-slip resin floors that can be customized for any use. Our technicians will be able to recommend the best coating to meet the customer's needs, in full compliance with current safety regulations. Each surface can be customized in terms of both color and workmanship.