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Superfici Moderne

Resin flooring for hospitals and outpatient clinics

Superfici Moderne offers epoxy resin flooring for health care facilities such as hospitals and ambulatorsguarantee an even, non-slip, durable and easy-to-sanitize surface.

Our resin flooring

The availability of non-slip finishes makes it possible to create floors in compliance with the law, with all the advantages of resin: low cost and lead time, durability, and ease of cleaning. I resin flooring is suitable for stores, outlets and shopping malls, but also for all other activities open to the public, such as gyms, playgrounds, schools and kindergartens.

The benefits of resin flooring for commercial businesses

Resin floors and surfaces designed by Superfici Moderne are made from the best raw materials available on the market. Our experienced technicians will be able to recommend the resin formulation best suited to the needs of the client, taking into account the specific requirements dictated by the environment of use.

Extended duration

A properly made resin floor can last for many, many years. Resin offers unique properties among all building materials, and it is resistant to external agents and wear and tear. Environments subject to heavy use, such as shopping malls or sports fields, can benefit greatly from adopting a resin coating.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Resin floors from Superfici Moderne, thanks to experienced technical fabricators, constitute a surface without joints, cracks or fissures that is guaranteed over time. The materials used are waterproof, thus allowing superior hygiene to be achieved with less effort, as they are easily sanitized.

Quick to make

Through the use of modern, state-of-the-art machinery, Superfici Moderne can make resin floors and surfaces in a very short time. This reduces closures due to work (including resurfacing and maintenance).

Customizable non-slip flooring

We make non-slip resin floors suitable for any field of use. Our technicians will be able to recommend the best coating to combine customer requirements with compliance with current safety regulations. Each surface is also customizable in its appearance, both in terms of color and workmanship.