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Superfici Moderne

Resin floors in Rovigo and province for industries, offices, businesses and homes

Superfici Moderne designs and manufactures indoor and outdoor resin floors and surfaces in Rovigo and in its province.

Resin floors and surfaces in Rovigo

Superfici Moderne è specializzata nella realizzazione di pavimentazioni e superfici in resina per ogni tipo di ambiente, dal civile residenziale al farmaceutico, dal metalmeccanico al commerciale, senza tralasciare ambiti specifici come l’ospedaliero e l’agroalimentare. Siamo attivi nell’intera provincia di Rovigo. Grazie alla professionalità e all’esperienza del nostro team di tecnici, siamo in grado di progettare e realizzare rivestimenti in resina adatti alle esigenze specifiche della vostra attività. I nostri cicli di lavoro sono mirati a soddisfare le vostre esigenze tecnico-economiche, adottando sempre formulati resinosi all’avanguardia e tecniche realizzative moderne.

Why choose a resin floor

Resin floors and surfaces offer many advantages over a traditional floor:

  • Customizable in every aspect
  • Easily sanitized and waterproof
  • Maximum safety, thanks to anti-slip finish
  • Resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses and strains
  • Suitable for the transit of heavy vehicles and machinery
  • Horizontal signage that can be integrated into the surface

In addition, resin allows construction work to be completed in a much shorter time than traditional solutions. This translates into an advantage for businesses and stores as well as for those renovating their homes.

The advantages of resin floors

Designed to offer strength and durability, resin floors are an ideal solution for many applications. Due to their characteristics, such as high resistance to chemicals, wear and tear, and mechanical stress, resin floors can be used in industrial, commercial, and residential environments.

For Superfici Moderne no two resin floors are the same. Each project needs a thorough study to fully meet the Client's needs and budget.

Resin Flooring for Industry

Resin floors for industrial environments must offer high performance in durability and wear resistance. A specially formulated resin surface is resistant to chemicals and intense mechanical stress.

Resin Flooring For Homes

In residential settings, resin surfaces become embellished and become an element of décor. For this reason, Superfici Moderne offers a wide selection of finishes and colors, available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Resin Flooring For offices, retail and trade

In exhibition and work environments, resin floors find wide adoption due to the ability to cover large areas quickly and ease of cleaning.

Resin Flooring For special applications.

Resin is a material that is well suited for specific uses. Superfici Moderne makes sanitary resin floors (for clinics, veterinary clinics, and hospitals) that can be easily sanitized and sanitized.

Types of resin surfaces made by Superfici Moderne

Why choose Superfici Moderne}

For over two decades, Superfici Moderne has been a company specializing in resin formulations and industry techniques. Thanks to the professionalism, experience and constant training of our technicians, we are involved in the design and manufacture of resin floors and surfaces for all sectors, from industrial production to retail to private individuals.

We choose customized work cycles to meet the specific needs of the client, using innovative resin formulations and advanced laying techniques. Our experience allows us to operate in various fields, such as pharmaceutical, commercial, hospital, agribusiness and residential, offering solutions on large areas. Thanks to the dedication and skills of our employees and contractors, Superfici Moderne has achieved rewarding results and will continue to strive to ensure the best possible results for its customers.